March 26, 2020 update: 

We have a winner! After a tiebreaking vote, this design by Rick Matwichuk is our 50th Anniversary logo: 


Congratulations, Rick, and thanks to everyone who submitted designs and voted. We'll be using the logo in our upcoming anniversary celebrations and promotion.

We've received 16 awesome designs for the Oliver Curling Club's 50th Anniversary logo! Check out all the logo entries below, and they're also posted at the club.

A logo company will polish the winning design into a professional format, so choose the concept or image you like most knowing that it may be a rough draft for now.

Voting takes place from March 4-12, 2020. You can vote at the club (ballots available) or by emailing your choice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please vote using the letter identifying the logo. One vote per curler (voters will be kept anonymous but we're asking for names to monitor voting).

Our new logo will be revealed at the Windup Dinner on March 14 plus the winner of the $50 Buy-Low Foods gift card! 

 A  A    I  I
 B  B    J  J
 C  C    K  K
 D D    L  L
 E E    M  M
 F F    N  N
 G G    O  O
 H H    P  P


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