Corporate League - Monday nights

Put together a team of your coworkers for some socializing, friendly competition and libations with other local businesses and organizations. Who knows, you might even get to yell at your boss depending on who's sweeping. Teams need at least four players, in any combination of men and/or women, and they can be the same or different people from week to week (but only four are allowed on the ice at a time!). Or, if your team is short a player, we may have curlers who fill out your team. You don't even need to know how to curl: we'll have club members on hand to get you started and you'll catch on pretty quickly! Games are six ends because, hey, work makes people thirsty.

2018-19 season: Draws are at 6:30 pm and 8 pm

Ladies League - Tuesday nights (7 to 9 pm)

Here is where women again prove their mastery of multitasking. Ladies, show how you can learn to curl or curl better, make new friends and hang out with old familiar ones, compete graciously, compliment teammates and opponents on curling/clothing/hair styles, solve three or four of the world's problems, get some great exercise and hold several conversations all at the same time. Then continue them afterward in the bar without missing a word. Skips can choose one player and then the remaining team members are assigned based on good fit of experience and hair colour. Teams may change from fall to winter sessions to maximize conversational opportunities (and adjust for numbers of migrating snowbirds).

Mixed League - Wednesday nights (7 to 9 pm)

This is our grab bag of leagues: it's got a bit of everything and something for everyone. It is for new or experienced curlers, men or women in any combination on a team, brave/foolhardy couples who choose to play on the same team, socializing during and after the games, and competition as friendly or fierce as you like. You can put together your own team or we'll find you one. Teams can stay the same or change from fall to winter sessions. It just depends if you end up wanting a (curling) divorce. (We tried to warn you.)

Men's League - Thursday nights (7 to 9 pm)

This full contact curling league is open to all levels of male curlers. Strong ego, thick skin or sense of humour might prove helpful. You can enter your own team or be placed on a team if there's space. Bribes will be accepted if you want to be put on a good team. Teams can stay together for the whole year or change midway based on who is most annoying. Become part of the legends that get (re)told in the bar every week, year after year after year...!

Day League - Monday and Wednesday

This is a fun and friendly league for all curlers: new, experienced and anywhere in between. All you need to be able to do is play during the day, whether you're retired or have kids in school or work shifts or call in sick. (Sorry, this league is for adults, all you kids still have to go to school.) Most people play both days, but we can usually juggle players only available one day (that is, we juggle the names not actual people). Teams are randomly drawn and subtly engineered for a balance of new(er) and more seasoned curlers, plus teams change between the fall and winter sessions so you get to make even more new friends.

Fall 2018 session: Draws are at 9:30 am and 12 noon

Special Olympics - Wednesday afternoons (2 to 3 pm)

Our Special Olympics program runs once a week with about 10 enthusiastic participants and three or four equally enthusiastic volunteers. These Special Olympians start with warm-up exercises, learn and practice basic skills, and then usually finish with a short game. Some seasons we've capped off with a one-day bonspiel and invited other Special Olympics teams from across the Okanagan. Come down to the curling centre to join in the fun and laughter and cheer for the athletes! Anyone interested in joining the Special Olympics curling program must be developmentally disabled and over 8 years old. Contact Lee Chic, Special Olympics local coordinator, at 250-408-9669 for more info.

Junior League - Tuesday afternoons (3 to 4:30 pm)

School's over, now all you young curlers (7 to 17 years old) can come play! This league focuses on fun and basic curling skills as you learn the sport, and on fun and more competitive development as you advance. And then you start showing the adult volunteers how it's done! Teams will be formed based on players' preferred positions and experience, with instruction and real game play and an annual Junior Bonspiel. You'll also have free access to grippers, brooms, delivery devices, etc. This is waaaaay better than going to the mall (which Oliver doesn't really have, anyways).

Note to adult volunteers: We always need more and really appreciate your help! It's a great program to get involved in plus you'll end up learning something from these rock stars in the making!

Elementary School Program

It is the Oliver Curling Club's mission to teach every Grade 6-7 student in Oliver and Okanagan Falls how to curl! (Resistance is futile!) Every year we offer local schools a series of Learn to Curl sessions: one in-class lesson and three on-ice lessons to practice basic skills and, in the last session, play a short game. We provide all the equipment and volunteers for mentoring, cheering and corralling. We can accommodate mobility needs with a wheelchair ramp and sticks for delivering rocks too. Teachers, contact us to get your classes in on all the fun! Students, tell your teachers your want to go curling! Volunteers, come helps us build the next generation of curlers!

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